Customer Responsibility:


Tires:      Maintain air pressure of 100 PSI on all tires.
                Repair flats.
                Repair flat run tires.
                Replace tires damaged by road hazards or driver mistakes such as cuts in sidewall or flatspotted.


Lights:   Replace burned out bulbs
               Replace broken light assemblies
               Replace lost lenses and reflector lenses.


Brakes:  Adjust brakes as needed.
               Repair any damage to air system.
               Replace any brakes that crack due to releasing brakes.


Other:   Daily safety inspections including proper maintenance of axle oil or grease levels.
               Do not delay maintenance, report issues when they occur and make trailers
               available for repairs at a Fleet Trailer designated service facility.


Tires:    Replace any normally worn tires at 4/32nds or less
              Replace tires that fail due to manufacturer such as a sidewall blown out or cap separating.
Lights:  Repair shorts or defective wiring.
Brakes: Replace normal wear on brake pads
              Replace or repair any brake chambers and brake valves this includes all air hoses.
Other:  Perform yearly DOT inspections and any preventive maintenance needed.
              Repair or replace any items due to normal wear or deterioration.
Licensing:  Provide a current license plate and registration.